About Us

KVcontrols was established to render and support the developing power system and the technologies involved all over the world. We are providing quality services in the field of testing and commissioning, capital maintenance and troubleshooting of wide range of Power equipment installed in Thermal, Gas, Nuclear and Hydro Electric Power generation plants, Oil refineries, Steel and Chemical Plant, substation, etc… We have Skilled Qualified Engineers who can work upto - 765kV system. We provide our customers with best services and work hard to deliver their needs. Our Engineers undergo safety training.

Our Mission

We strive to provide professional services for our valuable customer. To be the excellent service provider to National and International power system, adhering to global standards.

Testing & Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning is the main source to keep system or Equipment's in safe and active. We are strengthened by our Experienced Professional Engineers who are aware to handle site with safety, quality, efficiency and hard & dedicative work on the system. The Kit and Measuring Tools we provide will be calibrated to standard. Our engineers periodically undergo required safety, Product, Software training. We also deal with Special Testing Kits like DCRM, Timing, Tan Delta, CT Analyzer and Secondary Injection Three Phase Kit.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance of System involves the fault diagnosis, routine servicing, and repair of Electrical equipment's. Maintenance plays vast role in keeping system safe and smooth running. We serve maintenance companies for maintain their system for years. We also depute Engineers to be at site and work like operators to monitor the system and collecting data’s. Maintenance can be provided for customers with Lump sum basis. We have experienced and keen to provide better services at optimized cost.